January 26, 2022

About us

NewsViews logo

The dawn of 2019 saw the launch of this community-focused news portal, NewsViews  targeted at the various ethnic groups that reside in our culturally-diverse city, Hamilton.

Our logo represents the special ties that India has with New Zealand & the positive contribution made by the Indian diaspora (currently one of the largest ethnic groups here).

NewsViews expects to fulfill the current void of a professionally- written & managed digital edition that focuses on the local community.

There are no businesses or publishing houses behind this NewsViews venture. It is the passion and zeal of one individual, Gurbir Singh*, who chose New Zealand to be his new home years back. He is backed currently by a small team of dedicated volunteers who are equally passionate for the success of this venture.

Newsviews is a marathon, not a sprint. We expect it to evolve in the coming months based upon the valuable feedback of readers.

With the objective of presenting ‘News & Opinions that Matter‘, NewsViews has some selected features and columns of interest to keep readers informed of various topical issues.

Our ‘by invitation only’ column ‘ViewPoint‘ is the platform to voice the opinions of law makers or persons of standing, on issues that are of interest to local communities.

NewsViews looks forward to valuable support of local community in making this venture a success.

Gurbir Singh

*Gurbir Singh: He is a professionally qualified & experienced media person. Before moving to NZ, he has worked as a Sub Editor/Reporter in a national daily newspaper; Asst. Editor of a house journal; Senior Manager – PR; Corporate Communications consultant, etc. He was also a member of the Indian Association of Industrial Editors, Public Relations Society of India, Press Club & on the Editorial Committee of IBA.

In NZ, his roles included that of a Trainer & Educator in the tertiary sector, Freelance feature writer & Journalist, etc. Gurbir volunteers his time to the local community & currently, he is the Justice of the Peace(JP); Executive Committee Member of Grey Power Hamilton; Committee member of East Hamilton JPs branch; immediate past Chairman of Neighbourhood Support Hamilton(44,000+ household members) & formerly on managing committee of Kirikiriroa Community House, etc. Email: editor@newsviews.co.nz