21 July 2024

‘Abandoned’ Kiwis stuck in India seek govt action – Now

By: Gurbir Singh

Desperate Kiwis stranded in India and their anxious families here are pleading the New Zealand government to bring them back home.

“Our families need hope and action from their Government. Bring our families home now”, says Bev Kane who is among the hundreds of Kiwis who feel let down in this hour of crisis due to Covid-19.

According to some reports, there are nearly 800 Kiwis in India who are registered with SafeTravel, and over 500 of these are said to be desperately waiting for a mercy flight to take them to New Zealand.

Several of those stranded include those who went there as tourists and others of Indian-origin who were back home visiting family, and are now stuck due to clampdown of curfew there.

Stranded Kiwis
Stranded Kiwis are desperate to be back home

Apart from online petitions pleading to be rescued and signed by nearly a 1000 people, 349 stranded Kiwis have already added their names/ particulars in a data being compiled by a FB group set up for a joint effort to be heard.

“All these people are trying to get back to their country but they can’t due to lockdowns or cancellations of flights. Most of them are running out of their finances, others are struggling from mental stress caused and few are in urgent need of their medicine…Can you please rescue…before it gets too late…” one filed petition reads.

“Food options are decreasing. Water is rationed. Temperatures increased and mosquitoes worse than milford sound. We have got to get out of India,” writes John Davidson, a Hamilton resident, who is stranded in Delhi with his wife, Elizabeth in a FB post. They were scheduled to fly back on 22 March after their trip to India was called off on 19 March.Read More...

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