25 May 2024

Ajaz Patel auctions his 10-wicket commemorative shirt for Starship

New Zealand cricketer, Ajaz Patel, who made headlines in last December for taking all 10 wickets in a test innings, is trending again, but for a different reason.

The left-arm orthodox spin bowler, Patel is auctioning one of his shirts from that history-making test innings against India. The framed shirt is signed by all members of the Black Caps 2021 India touring squad, and entire auction proceeds will go to the Starship Foundation.

Starship is New Zealand’s national children’s hospital, and the Starship Foundation ‘generates funds to help give children better health and brighter futures.’ Since 1992 the Starship Foundation has invested more than $150 million into Starship Child Health.

Ajaz Patel
Starship was amazing to us…we wanted to give back“(courtesy: TM)

“My wife and I spent a couple of days in Starship with our daughter last year. It was a worrying time, but I realised how lucky we were to only need a short stay. Starship was amazing to us, and we wanted to give back…this is one way we can do that,” says Ajaz Patel.

Patel’s framed shirt also features a commemorative scorecard, image, plaque…and Patel’s Black Cap number 274 embroidered on the chest.

Starship Foundation CEO, Aisha Daji Punga says she’s humbled by Ajaz’s generosity. “We’re incredibly grateful he’s offered to support us in this way. As well as being a role model on the field, it’s further proof of his kindness and character off it.”

Proceeds from this auction on TradeMe, will help fund a Play Specialist in Starship’s Radiology department. The Play Specialist helps children and their families prepare for difficult or complex procedures like MRI scans, often helping the child cope without the need for a general anaesthetic.

Daji Punga says the funds raised will make a significant impact. “Play Specialists make tough times more bearable for children and their whānau. We’re truly delighted Ajaz has chosen to support them in this way.”

“I guess it’s fitting, as my profession is all about play and sport. This will go to a team that uses play as such an important tool to make kids feel safe and comfortable,” says Patel.

Mumbai-born Ajaz Yusuf Patel still has two other shirts from the match in which he achieved the rare feat of taking all 10 wickets in an innings. In doing this, he became the first New Zealand bowler -and third in 144 years of Test cricket history, to take all 10 wickets in a test innings.

Shirt that Patel auctioned
Shirt signed by entire touring squad (courtesy:TM)

Patel’s gesture of auctioning this “fantastic piece of sporting immortality” for a noble cause was repeatedly applauded in comments on the auction site.

“If I had the money, I would buy it and give it back to Ajaz. An amazing piece of NZ cricket history and an amazingly selfless thing to donate it for a great cause,” one TM member wrote.

Even though Starship Foundation is a registered charitable organisation, the winner of this auction will not qualify for donations tax credit.

“According to IRD regulations, payments to a charity over $5 will only qualify for a donations tax credit where it is for no consideration. As the winner of this auction will receive a signed shirt in return for their payment, it is not considered a gift and not eligible for a tax credit,” Starship Foundation says.

Patel, who will turn 34 years in October this year, was born in Mumbai (India) and moved to India with his family when he was only eight years old. He made his international debut for the New Zealand cricket team in October 2018.

The auction closes on Wednesday, 11th May evening and bids had already crossed $18,000 mark this Saturday morning.

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