Russ Rimmington & Barry Quayle are re-elected

The election results of the Waikato Regional Council are out.

The winners from Hamilton constituency are two newcomers, Angela Strange & Jennifer Nickel while Russ Rimmington & Barry Quayle have been re-elected to the WRC.

(L to R) Jennifer Nickel, Angela Strange, Russ Rimmington & Barry Quayle

As per the progress results as on date, those elected and the votes received are:

Angela Strange: 19,268

Russ Rimmington: 16,778

Barry Quayle: 15,566

Jennifer Nickel: 13,920

These are progress results only, with special votes and voting papers delivered this morning to be still counted.

The other two candidates who did not make it (based on today’s progress results) are: William Durning (13,044) and Peter Koizumi (5234).

Preliminary results will be available on Monday,14 October, with the official results expected by Friday, 18 October.