September 28, 2021

ANZ clients face disruption of online banking services again

By: Gurbir Singh

ANZ customers are facing problems accessing bank’s website and internet banking again this morning (Friday), after what appears to be another round of DDoS (denial-of-service) attack.

NewsViews was alerted to this issue at 6am this morning by a ‘very frustrated’customer when they failed to sign in to their account. At that time, ANZ’s website was loading, but online services gave an ‘Error 20’.

“Slogan of ANZ is ‘If you have a why, we have the how. We do how.’ But do they? Not sure, as nothing seems to have been done after the bank’s outage a few days back” commented the caller, Manjit Kaur of Hamilton to NewsViews.

ANZ services still down
Clients are questioning ANZ slogan

Another irate customer, David (not his real name) to whom NewsViews spoke, says “I’m very annoyed at this ongoing problem. Recently, after a power outage in Waikato region, Genesis promptly gave a $50 credit and 10 hours of free power to its customers. But would ANZ do the same for all the inconvenience caused to clients?”

NewsViews reported ANZ of this issue around 6am and subsequently at 740am this morning ANZ provided an update on its Facebook page, admitting “we’re experiencing outages again across our online services.”

From ANZ announcement it appears that this issue was resolved for “our NZ based customers”, but “overseas customers are still experiencing some issues.”

But from the comments on Facebook and the customers who contacted NewsViews, domestic customers were equally affected by the outage.

In a message to NewsViews, ANZ has admitted “experiencing further issues with Internet Banking… Our tech team is still working on this as a priority to have resolved as soon as possible….we do really apologise for this inconvenience.”

Kiwibank, MetService and NZ Post which were all impacted earlier alongside ANZ, appear to be unaffected today.

Earlier, ANZ had posted advice on its Facebook page to help customers log in:

“We’ve found that disconnecting and then reconnecting to your internet can help you get access again. Also try clearing your browser history and cache, that may help too!”

But, reportedly, this was not successful for everyone who tried.

DDoS attacks by cyber-criminals aim to restrict or impair access to a computer system or networks by bombarding their internet-facing systems with vast amounts of traffic.

DDoS does not involve hacking into an organisation’s computer systems, therefore, there is no risk of bank customers losing money or having information stolen.

The bank’s online services were still down at the time of publication of this story, though website was back.

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