21 July 2024

Applications now open for fog cannon subsidy for small retailers, dairies

Applications are now open for the $4,000 fog cannon subsidy for small retailers, dairies in New Zealand to protect their retail business from criminals.

This subsidy is for retailers whose main purpose is to sell finished goods to the public. If you run a small retail business you may be eligible for a $4,000 subsidy to get a fog cannon installed, with the subsidy  paid to the provider and retailers to pay the balance. 

Protests and safety concerns expressed by small retail businesses earlier had led to an announcement of a significant crime prevention financial package by Government on 28 November, 2022.

Subsequently, however, Manish Thakkar, Waikato Retailers Group told NewsViewsFunding for fog canons and more victim support is just a bandage…”

Fog cannons are usually seen as an highly effective tool that creates a ‘cannon’ of dense fog to fill a room when an emergency button is triggered. The fog prevents burglars to commit theft as the fog leaves them ‘disoriented, confused and essentially blind’. They have no choice but to quickly retreat. This fog also creates a barrier between them and the staff. 

Fog cannon to prevent crime
Fog cannon is claimed as highly effective tool to prevent burglaries

Under the current subsidy scheme, there is no requirement for the business to have been the victim of a ram raid or aggravated burglary for the fog cannon subsidy. But retailers will need to meet certain criteria that includes the business should not have more than two outlets, five or fewer paid employees, and a street frontage.

Retail outlets in indoor malls where security is already provided, are not eligible for this subsidy.

“We know through the expression of interest process that there is demand for this subsidy, with close to 300 retailers interested in receiving it,” says the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Business Specialist Glen McCloy.

“Eligible retailers will need to visit the Business.govt.nz website, and fill in the application form. They will need to provide simple business verification details and declare they are eligible,” says Glen.

“Once the form is submitted, they will be processed and provided confirmation, including a voucher code. They will be provided with a register of providers to contact, and should provide them the voucher code as validation. It is up to retailers to work with suppliers to get the fog cannons installed.

“Once the fog cannon is installed, the provider will invoice MBIE and receive up to $4,000 as the subsidy. The retailer will need to pay the provider any remaining costs.

“If retailers filled out an expression of interest form in December 2022 or January 2023, they will be contacted regarding how to apply but still need to complete the application form.

For more information, to check eligibility and to apply, visit https://www.business.govt.nz/risks-and-operations/health-and-safety/fog-cannon-subsidy/

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