19 July 2024

As expected, Labour votes to expel Dr Gaurav Sharma from caucus

The Labour Caucus has voted to expel their Hamilton West MP Dr Gaurav Sharma from caucus, effectively immediately. This decision was on the expected lines as Dr Sharma continued his tirade and demand for a ‘right to a fair trial’.

“Gaurav Sharma has been expelled for his repeated and calculated breaches of caucus rules over the past 12 days,” Labour Party Leader Jacinda Ardern said in a statement issued immediately after the caucus meeting.

Gaurav expelled
Dr Sharma’s future with Labour ended with his expulsion today

The decision means Dr Sharma will no longer receive support from the parliamentary party or have access to or participate in caucus in any way. He will have the right to attend any select committee, but will not be a member of one.

The Caucus also voted to refer the matter to the New Zealand Council of the Labour Party for them to consider any further disciplinary action.

Dr Sharma attended this morning’s meeting that he described as ‘tense, but respectful on both sides.’

Speaking to the media after the decision, the Hamilton West MP said he is yet to decide whether to stay on as an independent MP.

“It’s not something I’m going to rush either way.”

Dr Sharma claimed at least one MP had voted against his expulsion and one had abstained but he was unaware of their identity.

The Prime Minister reiterated that Dr Sharma was offered mediation and a pathway back for him.

“When Gaurav went public about his staffing issues 12 days ago our response was one of concern. We attempted to offer support and find a way to resolve his concerns.

“Despite providing an opportunity to resolve his issues and to rebuild trust he has repeatedly demonstrated that he no longer wishes to be a member of the caucus. His consistent and ongoing breach of the caucus rules has resulted in the complete loss of trust by his fellow Labour MPs”, Ardern said.

“There are definitely things to be learned from this episode, but none of it justifies the recent behaviour of Gaurav…From Labour’s perspective, this decision now concludes this matter,” Jacinda Ardern said.

Dr Gaurav Sharma won the 2020 election as a Labour candidate by 6,267 votes, securing 20,703 votes against 14,436 received by sitting National MP Tim Macindoe.

Dr Sharma-who originally hails from Hadeta village(Himachal Pradesh, India) had just completed his Class VII from Adhunik Public School, Dharamshala when his father decided to move to New Zealand after seeking pre-mature retirement.

Dr Sharma studied medicine at the University of Auckland, and is a registered General Practitioner. He is also a MBA from George Washington University (Washington D.C.) where he was a Fulbright Scholar.

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