13 June 2024

Attention-grabbing display of dahlias at Hamilton show

Close on the heels of pre-56 MG car rally at Cambridge on Saturday(13 March), Hamilton witnessed another attention-grabbing show of big and bold dahlias over the weekend.

Some of the prized, eye-catching entries that were on display (Photo: NewsViews)

The two-day North Island National Dahlia Show, hosted by the Hamilton Dahlia Society at the Hamilton Gardens, concluded here yesterday(Sunday, 14 March).

At the show, there was an incredible colour range, shapes and sizes imaginable of dahlias, though the known species of this flower are over 40.

Some of the eye-catching exhibits on display-above & below (Photos: NewsViews)

Dahlias are one of the few perennials that flower for a long period and are a favourite of many Kiwis.

(Photos: NewsViews)

The National Dahlia Society of New Zealand holds National Shows in both the North and South Islands each year.

(Photos: NewsViews)

While the Hamilton society is celebrating its 55th anniversary, the national body is in its 83rd year of inception this year.

The organisation was set up to promote dahlia and offers guidance/advice on the cultivation and showing of dahlias in New Zealand, and has affiliated chapters in several cities across the country.

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