19 July 2024

Boon After Dark 2021 event extended until 14 Nov

The featuring of sculptures in Hamilton’s CBD ‘Boon After Dark 2021’ has been extended due to the high community interest.

The event-best viewed when dark, was to close on 29 Oct but has been extended until 14th November.

The event has also been extended across two locations, with two installations in Garden Place and one on the boardwalk at Victoria on the river.

‘Full Spectrum’ on display at Garden Place (Photo: NewsViews)

The sculptures that are featured are:

Octopoda  by Amigo and Amigo, Full Spectrum by Anthony van Dorsten and Deep Thought by Hybycozo.

Octopoda is a steampunk percussion Octopus. Featuring eight tentacle drums, each activates a unique display of colour and light animating the Octopoda’s musical mind. Inspired by steampunk themes, when all eight drums are playing together Octopoda dazzles audiences with his mechanical moves and rhythmic light display.

‘Octopoda’ sculpture is also on display (photo: NewsViews)

Anthony van Dorsten is a conceptual light artist based out of Hawkes Bay. Symbolically Vesica Aotearoa has been established by Dorsten and Henry Gordon to inspire wonder and conscious change through large scale immersive experiences.

In the ‘Boon After Dark’ Colouring Competition, there were three equal winners- Ashi, Khalid and Maanvir who created colouring pages inspired by this years sculptures.

These light-up sculptures are playful and family-friendly, great fun during the day but best viewed after dark for the full effect.

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