21 July 2024

Chemist Warehouse drops price of Rapid Antigen Test kits

With Covid-19 cases hitting record numbers and demand for Rapid Antigen Test (RATs) soaring, Chemist Warehouse has reduced their prices for these test kits.

The Healgen Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test kits are now available at this pharmacy as a single test ($6.99), a 5-pack ($29.99) or a 20-pack ($119.99).

As stocks are being secured at progressively lower costs and these savings passed onto customers, according to the company.

The lack of availability and high costs of RATs kits had earlier come under severe criticism from members of the community. This drop in prices and free online ordering set up by Ministry of Health is likely to ease the current Covid-19 situation.

Free RATs kit

Chemist Warehouse CEO, Azman Haroon says the nation’s fastest growing community pharmacy has been urgently working with suppliers of rapid antigen tests to ensure there are enough in stock for every New Zealander to access, whether online or in store.

“We are working with our suppliers to air freight stock into New Zealand to ensure we have plenty of rapid antigen tests available for every member of our community.”

Haroon says the Chemist Warehouse team is not only working tirelessly to ensure stores’ shelves are stocked with rapid antigen tests, but also other essential healthcare supplies including paracetamol, ibuprofen, electrolytes and critical health products.

“We are here to ensure our community as safe as we possibly can and make it easy for people to access the healthcare they need,” he says.

At time of this publication, most of its stores – including The Base outlet in Hamilton, were showing status as ‘In Stock’ .

Chemist Warehouse opened its first store in New Zealand in 2017 and now has 31 pharmacies across the country. All their pharmacies offer free prescriptions that has already “helped New Zealanders to save $28 million.”

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