21 July 2024

City Smile Dental helping reduce dental trauma with cutting-edge technology

A well- established dental practice in Hamilton is striving to help you regain your lost smile and resultant trauma by using latest cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment technology.

“A pleasing smile on your face is the first thing people notice, and it boosts your self-esteem and enhances your business and personal life,” says Dr Sachin Sood, the principal dentist at City Smile Dental.

“A missing or broken tooth, stained teeth, bleeding gums, crooked front teeth, or any other deformities can ruin your smile and could also result in avoidable suffering and trauma.”

Improving your smile is the best investment you can make and to help you with that, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of modern dentistry services to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout your life.

“Our team of four competent dentists and supporting staff of trained dental assistants are dedicated to providing patients with the highest standards of treatment at all times,” adds Dr Sood.

Member of the New Zealand Dental Association, City Smile Dental performs procedures as diverse as wisdom teeth surgery to simple orthodontic treatment, and provide trauma and emergency care.

City Smile Dental, Hamilton
A team of four dentists & trained support staff look after you

The spacious and modern clinic located on Anglesea Street offers state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and treatment equipment. 

“At City Smile Dental, we use latest dental diagnostics equipment KaVo Pan EXam Plus – the cutting edge panoramic imaging system.

“Panoramic X-Ray gives an overview of the entire mouth and jaws, including all the teeth, the TMJ (temporo mandibular joint) and the sinus cavity. This helps us find infections, impacted teeth, tumors, degenerative joint disease and cysts, etc.”

City Smile Dental has also invested in a Planmeca PlanScan® and this E4D dentist system enables us to provide dental care you need in a single visit.

“We use laser technology to precisely scan your tooth rather than taking a conventional impression that can be messy, unpleasant.”

Cutting edge panoramic imaging system for accuracy (Images/Supplied)

The clinic also uses Pan eXam Plus diagnostic technology that provides superior digital OPG and 3D Cone Beam.

“Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) helps clinic and patients both as it provides accurate, 1:1, non distorted views, and helps surgical and treatments plans in advance which leads to better treatment outcomes and less chair time for patients.

“This cutting edge technology is beneficial to patients also as they are exposed to 85% less radiation than traditional medical CT,” says Dr Sood.

The clinic takes safety seriously and ensures compliance to the dentistry standards to prevent/control infections, including any cross-contamination as a result of use of instruments.

“We use the best available autoclave cutting edge technology and sterilisation system provided by Mocom B22futura.

“After every single use, hand-piece is cleaned, dried & placed inside the autoclave that heats up to 134 degrees C. Each set of sterilized Instruments are then marked with date/batch number and can be associated to the patient to track, if needed.”

Spacious waiting area at City Smile Dental clinic

City Smile Dental is also equipped to provide 7-day emergency dental care, and same day appointments are possible in such situations.

“We do not expect our patients to suffer trauma and pain more than they have to because of delay in treatment.”

Hundreds of satisfied and loyal clients are a testimony to the quality of service provided, and they come from not only Waikato, but other regions as well.

This clinic also provides ACC treatment, and is registered with Work and Income for treatment of their clients. A range of payment options are also available for their regular clients.

Importance of preventive care by way of regular check-ups can save money and avoid a host of unwanted dental problems.

So, don’t neglect and give City Smile Dental a call on 800 248 976 to fix your next appointment.

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  1. I’ve been to City Smile twice & have always loved their customer service & the friendly dentist was very helpful in overcoming my anxiety/fears:)

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