21 July 2024

City’s food waste compost is pot of gold for community group

Hamilton’s food scraps turned into ‘wonderful’ compost, will help feed a local community garden to grow.

A truckload of Tronpost, compost made from city’s kerbside food scraps, was delivered to Caro Park as part of a new arrangement between Hamilton City Council and local community group, Progress to Health.

Council’s contractors, EnviroWaste carefully moved the large truck down the driveway to the repurposed park in Frankton, formally known as Hamilton United Women’s Bowling Club.

Compost from food scraps
‘Great example of partnership of council & community,’ says Mayor Southgate

The delivery was the outcome of an ongoing relationship between Council and Progress to Health, a 25-year-running non-government organisation, supporting people with their mental health conditions.

“This is a great example of a simple but effective partnership between our council and the community which delivers a win-win for all of us,” Mayor Paula Southgate said.

“Turning Hamilton’s food waste into something that helps others is perfect and I’d love to see more of these initiatives.”

Progress to Health Chief Executive, Karen Covell explained that the opportunity was too good to turn down and leaped at the chance to get some Tronpost to use in the community garden.

“We’ve made a brilliant start to this with help from Council and this wonderful compost that will soon feed the variety of plants and vegetables we grow, in turn feeding the people we work with.”

Covell said it’s not just about supporting people with mental health conditions, it’s also about providing for relatives, neighbours or even somebody across the road.

“Our ultimate aim is to create communities without barriers, and this garden demonstrates that.”

Food scraps from green kerbside bins are sent to Hampton Downs where these are mixed with green waste and turned into compost, with a portion returned to Council each month for the community to use freely.

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