15 April 2024

Council releases pre-election report as nominations open on 15 July

Countdown has begun for the opening of nominations for Hamilton City Council elections 2022.

Seven days from now, on Friday 15 July, would-be candidates would be able to file their names for positions of 14 councillors (six East General Ward, six West General Ward, and two citywide Maaori Ward) and one mayor.

Nominations will close on 12 Aug (12 noon), and polling would be held on 8 Oct 2022. Preliminary results would be available on midday, 9th October and final results from 13 – 19 October.

Those who get elected councillors & mayor by the community would then appoint a chief executive, who hires staff to run the business side of Council – including all the facilities and services of the city.

HCC Election
Nominations open on 15 July

The councillors’ job is to represent the community and make decisions in the best interests of all Hamiltonians. In the last few years, this has meant approving a strategy to drastically restore Hamilton’s native bush, the introduction of a Maaori Ward to strengthen representation of mana whenua, and initiating a range of projects to improve our city’s transport network. 

For the benefit of prospective leaders, the Chief Executive Lance Vervoort of the Council has released its Pre-Election Report today (8 July), which clearly outlines what the role of being an Elected Member involves.

As well as seeking to inform aspiring councillors, the report identifies some key qualities that would help lead to a successful term at the Council table.

“I expect that people who are standing for Council, or thinking about it, are aware of what that opportunity means – the chance to represent your community and city and influence Hamilton’s future. So, I haven’t dwelled on that. Instead, I’ve focussed on painting a clear picture for potential candidates,” says Vervoort.

Divided into five themes – Council’s role, Our city and community, A city of age and growing fast, Partnerships and collaboration, and More change is coming – the report also poses questions to spark debate ahead of the elections.

To read the report and for everything you need to know, go to yourcityelections.co.nz/stand

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