21 April 2024

Council stops work on nine transport projects after strong community reactions

Strong reactions from some in the community seems to have played a big part in the Hamilton City Council’s decision to remove nine projects from the 2023-24 transport programme.

The decision to cease work was taken by the Council’s Infrastructure and Transport Committee at its first meeting of the year yesterday (5 March).

Cycle as alternate to cars
Several transport projects have been scrapped

In February 2024, elected members requested the Committee consider revoking previous decisions to proceed with the following projects in the 2023/24 financial year: 

  • Grey St.-Beale St.: New roundabout, raised safety platforms and off-road paths for cyclists dropped.
  • Ulster Street-Abbotsford St.: New signalised pedestrian crossing, raised safety platform and relocation of bus stops ceased. Staff has been asked to investigate alternative options for a pedestrian crossing without a raised safety platform.
  • Bryce St. to London St.: project was similar to Ulster St.- Abbotsford St. and dropped.
  • River Road: Plan to construct a 1.3km footpath on the western side of River Rd. between Wairere Dr. and Comries Rd., and two raised safety platforms, ceased.

The committee also reviewed nine more transport projects to make decisions on whether to proceed with the work.

Council has also decided to cease installation of raised safety platform work on at existing signalised crossings as: Silverdale Road shops, Clarkin Road(near St Joseph School, Fairfield Intermediate/Primary schools), Borman Rd(Hamilton Christian School) and a raised intersection at Higgins Road and Kahikatea Dr.

Committee chairperson Angela O’Leary said there has been keen interest in transport as the Council moves to consult on its long-term plan.

“Our transport activity has moved faster than before and this has prompted some strong reactions from some people in our community.”

She has asked staff to consider improvements in the way the Council approves transport projects.

Moreover with a shift in Government focus, “we also need to change direction to meet the priorities which come with those funding conditions,” O’Leary added.


  1. Good decision to scrap raised humps- at least community’s voice has been heard. But what about those that were raised recently? For example, at Thomas Rd/Hukanui Rd roundabouts- absolutely rubbish. Needs to go ASAP.

  2. I have yet to meet ANYONE in Hamilton who thinks those raised humps at roundabouts are a good idea! Nor the cycle lanes. Definitely a huge number of rate-payers think it’s a waste of resources.

  3. This was wrong decision. Council cannot simply revoke it’s policy plans based on political expediency. Unrestrained conduct of the mob in Council Chambers is testament to the pressure Councillors were under. Sole dissenter, Melissa Smith from Bike Waikato, was continually interrupted on Zoom.Cycling from Marian School via Beale St.to make a right turn into Grey St., heading toward Heaphy Terrace, is currently chaotic. It really needs a roundabout there. Similarly, my experience with raised pedestrian crossings demonstrates they are a success in pausing turning trp. projects must be rescinded to allow uninterrupted community participations, free from mob intimidation.

    1. Total rubbish Roger. I was at the chambers and the chair decided to cause the fracas and incite the members of the public not the other way around

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