13 June 2024

Doody family’s ordeal over, Jessica is back home in NZ

By Gurbir Singh:

Jessica is safely back in New Zealand after boarding a flight from New Delhi yesterday(Monday) . She landed in New Zealand this morning, and is back with her family who were there to receive her.

This journalist could contact Craig and her sister, Sarah who confirmed this happy news. Craig himself would be back shortly from India.

“Thanks for the fantastic articles that you did…Jess would be home.” Craig remarked.

Jessica’s family has requested some privacy. On her FB page, Sarah has thanked everyone for their support and requested to “please respect our privacy while we try to deal with what has happened over the last month it would be much appreciated.”

Craig has been in constant touch with me to apprise his plans,including going to Patiala again. 

According to an earlier report from Patiala, Gurdeep and his family took her to New Delhi early yesterday morning and helped her board a flight back to New Zealand.  

According to my sources, Mandeep, a friend of Jessica’s boyfriend,Gurdeep is also travelling with Jessica to New Zealand.

There were allegations earlier on social media that it was Mandeep who helped Jessica legally change her identify and add Gurdeep’s surname to her passport, after which she managed to fly out of NZ and reach India. 

Sleepless nights, trauma, anxiety of Jessica’s father Craig in India, and her other family back home in New Zealand will all come to a close when Jessica returns safely today. 

Her father,Craig who has been camping in India to get her daughter back, learnt about this when he reached Patiala to make another attempt to meet Jessica and Gurdeep.

“I’m going to Patiala to make an effort to meet both, and to ensure she has the means to communicate with family,when she wants”

On reaching Patiala, Craig received news of her departure for New Zealand from local police. A disbelieving Craig, learnt that his daughter had already reached Singapore airport on way to Auckland.

“I checked with the airport authorities, who confirmed that Jessica was on board a flight to New Zealand and she was at Singapore airport at that moment,” he is quoted to have told TOI.

Efforts to contact Gurdeep again early this morning to get his comments were unsuccessful.

It appears that earlier Craig was helped by some local contacts to get in touch with senior police officials, who after going through Jessica’s medical and court records, contacted Gurdeep’s father and asked him to let Jessica meet Craig. 

This was the reason Craig returned to Patiala yesterday.

“The cop whom I met also called up his senior and pointed out that as per the medical records Jessica had a mental age of a 14-year-old. Later, we learnt that the family had realised its mistake and sent Jessica back”, Craig reportedly told TOI.

The mounting pressure from Craig’s family and media is said to have worked in Doody family’s favour and  thankfully,Gurdeep and his family took a wise decision to help her board a flight back home. 

The saga of Jessica has finally come to a happy ending.

This developing story by this journalist was also published in PressReader.com

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