13 June 2024

Easter chocolate bunnies, eggs wear face mask this year

Traditional Easter eggs and bright-eyed, laughing chocolate bunnies have given way to those wearing white medical face masks in Belgium and Swiss chocolate markets.

Some of the Belgium’s famed chocolateries, including Persoone’s Chocolate Line have added a bit of humour to the traditional Easter and to reflect the present grim Covid-19. They have done this by the use of medical masks made of white chocolate to the traditional line.

Easter bunnies lined up in a Belgium shop (courtesy: AP)

Since 10 April, Persoone is offering chocolate Easter eggs or bunnies with medical face masks made of white chocolate to the traditional line.

A big part of Easter is humor and fun, and Persoone has put them on eggs. “It is laughing with a hard thing. And on the other hand, we still have to keep fun. It is important to laugh in life.”

Easter eggs
Persoone’s Easter eggs with a difference (courtesy: AP)

Many other Swiss chocolateries have followed suit, and their creations of bunnies and eggs don masks.

This year, Easter celebrations will likely look a lot different as more than 1.5 billion people worldwide, including New Zealand, have been asked to stay home amid the spread of coronavirus.

Over Easter weekend, churches are holding special virtual worship services, communities  Easter egg hunts are missing, but most children will still wake up to Easter baskets full of sweets or Easter eggs.

Swiss bunnies
A Swiss chocolatier’s Easter creation this year

Easter Sunday is normally the most important date on the chocolate makers’ calendar. But the coronavirus pandemic, with its lockdowns and social distancing, has struck a hard blow to Belgium’s most emblematic 5-billion-euro ($5.5-billion) chocolate industry.

Belgium has more than 320 chocolateries and produces over 725,000 tons of chocolate each year, out of which 578,043 tonnes are for export, much of it scoffed during the peak Easter period.

As all non-essential shops in Belgium have been closed due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many chocolatiers have had to resort to online sales, home delivery or pick up on site, and sales have plummeted.

NewsViews wishes you all a Happy Easter- Stay Home, Stay Safe

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