Time for restraint

Some intellect members of the community are worried that the peace and tranquility of New Zealand may be disturbed by the spread of hatred news of the current India-Pakistan state of affairs on social media. Their worries are not unfounded.

It has been noticed, for example, if a news relating to recent incidents of one country are shared on the social media, supporters of another community (read, nation) at times write revengeful comments, and vice versa is also true.

This sharing/un-moderated comments mitigates the atmosphere, and has the potential to escalate or cause a rift among communities that are living peacefully as friends, and one common family away from their homelands.

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister,Winston Peters also today expressed concern at the escalation of tensions in Jammu & Kashmir. He called for efforts to “seek peaceful solutions through diplomacy and dialogues.”

Accordingly, NewsViews also endorses the Minister’s stance and appeals to the communities here and overseas, to exercise restraint.

This could best be achieved simply by avoiding/sharing news of recent incidents back in their homeland, that can raise emotions. Readers are also urged to be cautious what they comment on social media, and Facebook users themselves need to moderate the comments and delete/hide those that are not in good taste.

Let us all work together in wishing and hoping that good sense prevails, and both nations find a peaceful solution and save resultant loss of lives and destruction that any war brings with it.

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