15 April 2024

Efforts to keep traffic flowing at Puketaha-Gordonton Rd. intersection work

Hamilton City Council is making efforts to minimise impact on flow of traffic as Puketaha – Gordonton Rd. intersection work takes off.

Start of roundabout
It’s turn of Puketaha Rd roundabout now (Image/Googlemaps)

With the completion of the Darjon Drive roundabout on Gordonton Road, the Council is now turning its attention to Puketaha Road with the construction of the new roundabout that is expected to improve safety and create a new access for residents into St James Drive.

Gordonton Road is one of the main routes for commuters coming in from north of the city, with about 11,000 vehicles using it each day.

“At Puketaha Road we have the space to build a temporary road next to St James Drive which will mean we can still have traffic flowing in both directions for most of the project, however there will still be some stop-go needed at times,” says Council’s City Transport Unit Director, Gordon  Naidoo.

Relating to wrapping up of Darjon Drive roundabout, Naidoo, acknowledged that sometimes road works can be frustrating. “Our team worked hard to try and minimise these impacts and get out of there as quickly as possible, while keeping our staff safe.”

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While seeking support of commuters, Deputy Mayor Angela O’Leary says finding the balance between improving our roads and not causing too much disruption can be like walking a tight rope.

“All we’re asking is to slow down…The road cone certainly isn’t everyone’s favourite sight – but it’s an important one, and it shows that Council are doing the mahi to improve our city and making sure people can get around safely,” she said.

“Mistakes do happen, we want them to be less severe when they do because they are all someone’s family, friend or neighbour.”

Gordonton Road has been witnessing road works one after the other and this intersection may not be the end. As Darjon Road roundabout work progressed, simultaneously strengthening of Gordonton Road -Pardova Blvd. roundabout slowed traffic to a snail pace. This roundabout is again due to be improved for safety with work starting around December this year.

Question remains as to why strengthening and subsequent improvement scheduled for December could not have been done at the same time, reducing inconvenience?

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