21 April 2024

Enjoy tasty bargains from local eateries, help reduce food waste

Hamiltonians can now enjoy tasty bargains from local eateries while helping reduce food waste and keeping it out of landfill.

People can buy surplus food from local eateries at 30 to 100% off the normal price using a new app, Foodprint, which was recently launched in Hamilton.

Bargains hit Hamilton
Twenty Hamilton eateries have already signed up (Image: HCC)

Foodprint sends push notifications when new deals are available in a customer’s local area, and after ordering and paying via the app, the food is put aside for pick up later that day. Most discounts are 30 to 60% off, and the app is free for both customers and eateries to sign up to.

About 20 Hamilton eateries have signed up to Foodprint so far, including Jam at Queenwood, which has listed muffins, scones, scrolls, slices, salads and pork rib bowls.

“It’s really a win-win-win situation. People get a discounted meal, businesses get income for their surplus food,” says Michal Garvey, Foodprint Founder and Director.

Foodprint mainly lists food that food rescue organisations cannot take, such as small portions, or food that needs to be chilled or consumed the same day. The majority of people are also purchasing locally – usually within walking distance or a 5km radius – which is the app’s default setting.

Foodprint is also available in Raglan, Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Auckland, Wellington and Lower Hutt, with plans to go national. Over 2000 Hamiltonians have subscribed to the app in the last three months.

Hamilton City Council is giving away $20 credits to use at local Foodprint eateries. Follow your favourite eateries on Facebook which have signed up to the Foodprint app, to be in to win.

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