25 May 2024

Four city areas marked for ‘extra attention’ to manage growth

Four areas of Hamilton have been signalled for ‘extra attention’ and special plans to help manage the impacts of growth on the neighbourhoods. This would mean more high rise buildings, smaller sections, no car parking requirements, etc.

Hamilton City Council will prepare area plans for parts of Chartwell, Hamilton East, Five Cross Roads and north of the Central City (around Whitiora, Maeroa and Beerescourt) in a suite of changes to its District Plan.

Potential changes will enable a minimum of six storeys in areas an easy walk to the central city. It will look at increasing building heights and density in other areas with easy access to jobs, shops, schools and major public transport routes.

Changes to Hamilton’s District Plan means there will be changes to the rules around how you can develop your property and your neighbourhood. For example, in some areas we’ll see smaller section sizes, more apartments and townhouses and no requirement to provide car parking.

Central Government has reset the rules for how big cities – Ackland, Wellington, Tauranga, Hamilton and Christchurch, can grow and these are broadly set out in the National Policy Statement on Urban Development (NPS-UD).

The government is requiring these big growth councils to build up, not just out in response to the housing crisis.

District Plan Committee Chair, Councillor Ryan Hamilton said the four marked areas are expected to be most transformational for the city and need some extra attention.

“These neighbourhoods already meet a lot of the requirements set out by central Government and are most likely to be impacted by the changes. The area plans will allow us to consider the impacts of the changes on the communities that are already there.”

The heritage areas of Hamilton East are expected to be preserved in the changes.

Councillor Hamilton expected existing residents and property owners in these areas, and the rest of Hamilton to get involved in putting together these plans and shaping their neighbourhoods for the future.

As part of the engagement programme, Council is setting up citizen panels to gain a better appreciation of what is important to the communities within the area plan locations and will be running city-wide surveys to gather further feedback later in the year.

To find out more about the plans and wider District Plan programme, click here

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