21 July 2024

Get blown away by incredible street art in New Plymouth

Incredible street art creativity on display in New Plymouth, heart of the Taranaki region is bound to blow away any visitor to the city.

Bold spray painted murals extend across entire walls and sides of building not only in main city centre, but also in the other nooks and adjoining lanes.  

Having heard so much about the city’s street art, NewsViews made a trip there to capture some of the artistic works that gives the city a unique character and hip vibe.

A mix of some famous local street artists and their individualistic styles have converted the laneways and alleys into a colourful collection of vibrant and appealing mural art canvases.

Huatoki Plaza, a well utilised pedestrian passage way through which the Huatoki stream runs through to the sea, has ample pieces of street art in and around it, including some under the bridge.

Some street art display common themes such as scuba divers wearing their specialised diving gear span walls of several buildings. There are native bird paintings also, including Tui.

Paintings on walls adjoining the stream, are covered with water themes such as eels and its reflection in the water below adds beauty to the art.

Unexpectedly, the artistic street murals enhance this vibrant and contemporary city and form integral part of local sight-seeing for visitors.

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  1. It’s lamentable then that Hamilton wishes to distance itself from our southern neighbours. Hamilton City Council is resistant to 3 Waters’ reforms, because it wants the city to look north-east. These murals show a common cultural heritage between the two cities. The water-themed murals indicate a collective interest on water reforms with New Plymouth.

    1. At times, we need to leave politics out & just enjoy the art, artists behind these & local authorities for their support

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