13 June 2024

Glass kerbside collections resume on 20 April

Plastics, tins & cans will not be collected, says HCC

Glass kerbside collections for Hamilton residents are set to resume from Monday 20 April following a three-week break due to safety concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak.

Rinsed glass jars and bottles placed in green recycling crates and put out on collection day will now be emptied and recycled, according to an announcement made by Hamilton City Council today.

Kerbside collection
Glass recycling re-starts from 20 April

Council has asked residents to place only glass recycling in their crates to ensure rubbish collectors can empty the contents directly into the recycling part of the truck without having to sort items by hand. Crates with plastics, tins and cans mixed with glass will not be emptied.

Overfilled crates would also not be emptied due to health and safety concerns. Broken glass should be safely wrapped to remove sharp edges and minimise cuts to the rubbish collectors and then placed in rubbish bags.

“Glass recycling accounts for 75% of our weekly crate collections, so it’s important we restart glass collections before lockdown restrictions are eased so we don’t overwhelm our rubbish collectors and the refuse transfer station with excess quantities. We are now in a position where our contractor can resume this work safely,” says Infrastructure Operations Manager, Eeva-Liisa Wright.

According to the Council, rubbish bags, paper and cardboard will continue to be collected as normal.

Council also has appealed residents to continue to reduce your waste or pop your plastics, tins and cans in your black rubbish bags to go to landfill.

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