21 April 2024

Gopala brand Paneer recalled after listeria infection concerns

Gopala brand Paneer is being recalled and taken down from the shelves of supermarkets for possible presence of listeria in the cheese.

The makers of the Paneer, Gopala Sweets & Snacks Ltd announced the recall later yesterday, 10 March.

The Paneer is sold in supermarkets, including New World and Countdown stores, and Indian grocery stores throughout New Zealand.

Gopala paneer recall
Gopala Paneer has been recalled for listeria concerns

All dates up to and including best before 05.05.22 are affected. The Ministry for Primary Industries(MPI) are asking customers to check the date mark printed on the back of the product packaging.

MPI is advising customers not to consume the affected Gopala Paneer raw, otherwise this affected product should be cooked thoroughly (piping hot all the way through).

If you are in any doubt please throw the product out or return it to the place it was purchased.

There have been two reports of illness which may have been associated with this product, however a definitive link between the two cases and the product has not been confirmed. If you have consumed any of this product and have any concerns about your health, seek medical advice.

Listeria infections can be life-threatening especially for high-risk groups. They’re especially dangerous for pregnant women and newborns, older people, and the immuno-compromised.

New Zealand Food Safely will work with the Gopala brand’s company to find out how the bacteria could have come about and what actions might be required to prevent it recurring.

Customers are advised to contact Gopala Sweets & Snacks Ltd at 09 2387515 if they have any questions.

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