19 July 2024

Hamilton Council needs your support to shape Three Waters Reforms

The delivery of drinking water, wastewater and stormwater – the three waters services – is changing. Hamilton Council is pulling out all the stops to get the best result through a consultation period restricted by Government timeframes.

Council is giving opportunity to city residents to shape Council’s submission on Government’s Three Waters Reform consultation from next week.

“Our Council is opposed to the Government’s current model for reform – we have said that consistently and strongly – but we also recognise that across New Zealand, some change is required. We have worked hard to shape the reform structures and we have seen changes as it’s developed. But not everything we asked for has been taken on board,” Hamilton Mayor Paula Southgate said.

Three water services are changing & Council needs your support

“In everything we have sent to Government about this reform we have emphasised the need for our communities to have a voice. We needed to wait for the final legislation so we knew what we were consulting on, and it’s frustrating that now it is available, the consultation time given to us by Government is so short,” Mayor Southgate said.

“We have done everything we can to make it easier for Hamiltonians to understand this reform and be part of it, including offering a chance for people to sign up so we can send them consultation info immediately when it’s available.”

Hamiltonians can provide their views to a Council survey between 22 June and 7 July and can also give feedback directly to Government through to the select committee until 22 July.

People wanting to be among the first to receive Council’s consultation information can register through: www.hamilton.govt.nz/notifyme

“We’ve had to respond to Government timelines very quickly – way too quickly than any of us are comfortable with. Frankly the government’s communication has been pretty poor. But this is the Government’s reform and we have to work to their deadlines if we want our views heard,” Mayor Southgate said.

“This is a complex, inter-generational change which aims to deliver better environmental outcomes, better health outcomes and reduced future costs for ratepayers. But we need to make sure any proposals work for Hamilton – and we want to reflect how Hamiltonians feel when we talk to the Select Committee.”

However, in order to help the Council to shape its submission to Government, you can submit your views here

Government’s consultation is open until 22 July 2022 and submissions can be made here

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