15 April 2024

Iconic Neighbourhood face gets a big makeover

New Logo of NS

Neighbourhood Support Hamilton is giving a fresh look to an iconic part of the city streets with the launch of a fresh logo.

“There has been a lot of change since we first established ourselves as a not-for-profit in the 90s.  Our members felt it was time to ensure the ‘face’ of Neighbourhood Support kept up with where we are headed as an organisation,” says Louise Grevel, Chair for Neighbourhood Support New Zealand.

The new logo is a colourful update of the existing design.  The latest design features a nod to our country’s emergency service partners, as well as a better representation of the neighbours, members and supporters who make up the growing organisation.

The updated logo also features a koru pattern which reflects the important place of taha Maori in Aotearoa New Zealand. The colours chosen symbolise Neighbourhood Support’s vision of inclusive communities, where everyone is welcome and belongs while the blue colour represents their on-going partnership with New Zealand Police.

“The bright colours reflect the positivity and energy that is created when people work together to create safer, caring and more connected communities,” says Tess Casey, Neighbourhood Support NZ CEO.

“The rebrand is an exciting opportunity to better reflect the increasing number of people we support.  Our feedback shows that New Zealanders want to be part of neighbourhoods where people know and support each other.  Increasing numbers of people are reporting that they feel isolated or lonely, so knowing that you are a part of a neighbourhood that looks out for each other helps people feel safer and more connected.”

The official unveiling of the new logo took place at the Neighbourhood Support New Zealand’s inaugural national conference held in Wellington on the 1st and 2nd of July.

Neighbourhood Support Hamilton will be gradually introducing it around the city in the weeks ahead.

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