25 May 2024

Indian community groups

Indian community groups in Hamilton/NZ

Hamilton is home to more than 160 ethnicities, and Indians form one of the four major ethnic groups here. Their numbers continue to grow as more migrants and students now opt for Hamilton to be their home.

For info on Indian associations; Social-cultural organisations; Spiritual organisations; Dance/Music schools; Ethnic media, etc, please click here

Some of the Indian associations (in no particular order) based in the city are:

*Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan NZ
Contact: Pradeep Kapoor Ph: 021 1329292

*Hamilton Bengali Association
Contact: Anirban Dey, Ph: 027 5086939, Email: adey51@yahoo.com

*Country Section NZ Indian Association
Contact: Paul Singh Bains, Ph: 07 889 6392

*Global Organisation of People Of Indian Origin(Waikato)
Contact: Suman Kapoor, Ph: 021 180 1234, Email: sumankapoor2002@yahoo.com

*Hamilton Kerala Samajam Inc.
Contact: Soji Joseph, Ph: 022 0365531, Email: info@hamiltonkeralasamajam.co.nz

*Hamilton Malayalee Association Inc.
Contact: Dilip Mathan, Ph: 021 0573897, Email: dmatthan@gmail.com

*Hamilton Punjabi Sports & Cultural Club, & Waikato Ladies Punjabi Cultural Club
Contact: Raj Mundi, Ph: 021 1227150, Email: rajmundi@yahoo.co.nz

*Indian Cultural Society Waikato
Contact: Paul Singh Bains, Ph: 07 8391516; Email: pauldbains@xtra.co.nz

*Indianz Global Women & Family Group
Contact: Pradeep Kapoor Ph: 021 1329292, Email: kapoorinnz@yahoo.com

*Tamil Society Of Waikato
Contact: Senthil Sabapathy Ph: 027 4959469, Email: senthil.k.sabapathy@gmail.com

*Waikato Punjabi Cultural Club
Contact: Rupinder Virk Ph: 021 471965, Email: rupindervirkJP@gmail.com

*Waikato Senior Indian Citizens Association
Contact: Manilal Jogia, Email: manijogia@xtra.co.nz, Ph: 854 1346

*NZ Telugu Association
Contact: Sudhamshu, Ph: 021 0323632

*Waikato Telugu Association
Contact: Ravinder Reddy Boddu, Ph: 021 0656123

*Indian Cultural Society (Waikato)Inc Contact: jay@jsr.co.nz, Ph: 027 5777221

*Hindu Council of NZ Inc. Contact: Nandan Modak, Email: hindu.nz@gmail.com, Ph: 856 6385

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