21 April 2024

Jump on board for $9 to Auckland and $1 bus fare in Hamilton

It’s unbelievable, but true that your one way train ticket from Hamilton to Auckland is mere $9 and local bus trip $1 as half-price fares on almost all public transport have kicked-in from today.

If you were a Wintec or Waikato University student or staff, the return train trip to Auckland would cost just $9, and fares within Hamilton for them will reduce to just 50 cents for the next three months.

The fare cuts are part of a Government package to provide lower cost transport options and encourage mode shift from private vehicles, and is a part of the government’s plan to address a cost of living crisis.

If you are thinking of changing the way you get around, then this is the perfect opportunity to try a bus or train.

Hamilton-Akl train to start from 6 April
Hamilton-Auckland one-way trip would cost $9

All regional buses, ferries and trains have been included, notably the Capital Connection train running from Wellington to Palmerston North, and Te Huia, operating from Auckland to Hamilton.

Auckland’s Devonport ferry is also included in the half-price fare, but excludes Waiheke and tourist ferries (Rakino, Rangitoto etc).

This 50% fare offer also applies to AT timetabled bus, train and ferry services, and all Bee Card travel in Waikato will be half price.

The discount is largely being added on to pre-existing concessions, and fare types and fare reduction period lasts until the end of June.

Result of this means, for Wintec & Waikato Univ students and staff fares within Hamilton will reduce to just 50 cents.

Normal bus fares in Hamilton, for example, will now be $1; $2 from Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Morrinsville and Huntly to Hamilton, and central city zone fare stands reduced from $1 to 50 cents.

$1 will be normal bus fare in Hamilton

Fare capping is also half price, meaning taking the bus will never cost more than $7.50 for students, and $9 for adults, in Hamilton during the week.

Te Huia is also included in the half price fares scheme, and passengers travelling between Waikato and central Auckland using their Bee Cards will pay only $9 from Hamilton to Strand station.

Those planning to take a flight from Auckland Airport, can also take Te Huia to Auckland Airport. Travelling from Hamilton, you can get down at Puhinui Station and take a 12 minute trip by the AirportLink bus to the airport. The train journey will cost $7.50 from Hamilton with Bee Card, and the bus journey will be additional $1.10 with an AT HOP card. 

Use Bee Card on Te Huia (photo/ Beecard)

Te Huia runs return service twice a day during the week, and once on Saturdays. The service is, however, not available from 15 April(Good Friday) to 18 April ‘due to track closures’.

As a regular user of public transport, commuters don’t need to do anything to get any of these half-rate discounts. It will automatically be applied to all public transport fares – all you have to do is jump onboard.

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