Hamilton elections

By Gurbir Singh:

The next local government elections in Hamilton takes place on Saturday, 12 October.

This elections mean you vote for the Mayor and 12 Councillors who best represent you and what you want for our city.

These elected representatives will then make all crucial decisions on our behalf on what happens in our city – be it a rate increase, growth of city, managing finances, prioritising projects, etc.

Elections are the only time when you can actually ‘share your voice’. You, as the voter, has the power to shape our city the way you want, so you must chose your valuable vote wisely. More than that, you must exercise your right to vote.

This can only be achieved if you know whom you are voting for, and if that candidate is competent to tackle the serious challenges that the city is facing now or may face in future, and take correct decisions. Are the hopefuls of local government’s top job capable to understand & solve the city’s complex issues? Do they have the skills/knowledge to appropriately use the $2b that the Hamilton City Council is going to spend in the next decade on projects?

Therefore, NewsViews (your local community-focused news portal), is providing a platform to some of the current Mayoral candidates through its column, ViewsPoint’ to let our local community know their policies/vision, etc. The response has been very positive and some have already accepted to write. Due to some constraints, we may not be able to accommodate all the contenders, and may restrict to those who have already given their consent. Their write-ups will soon be featured in coming days here – so, stay tuned.

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