28 February 2024

Labour selects Strange for Ham East seat again

The ruling Labour Party has selected its current List MP based in Hamilton, Jamie Strange to contest the Hamilton East electorate again at the forthcoming September’s 2020 general election.

Jamie Strange unsuccessfully contested the Hamilton East seat in the last elections but lost to David Bennett of the National Party.

He, however, entered Parliament in 2017 as a List MP and while he was not elected for any particular electorate, he still continued as Labour Party’s representative for the constituents in the Hamilton and Waikato region.

Appreciating his party’s decision to select him for this prestigious Hamilton seat, Jamie Strange told NewsViews “It’s an honour to be selected again to contest the Hamilton East seat for Jacinda Ardern’s Labour-led Government.”

The former church minister and school music teacher is a married father of four children, Jamie Strange lives in the Hamilton suburb of Chartwell with his wife, Angela, who is currently on the Waikato Regional Council.

Jamie Strange
Jamie Strange

“I have appreciated the opportunity to represent Hamilton over the past three years, working hard to deliver various outcomes…

“I am standing as a positive voice for the Hamilton East electorate, and a strong advocate for our local people in Parliament,” Jamie Strange says.

Keen to get his party re-elected to form the government, he says “I am proud of what this Government has delivered for Hamilton, and will work hard for every vote to return Jacinda Ardern as Prime Minister…who has led a decisive health response to Covid-19,that save lives…”

In his current role as a List MP, Jamie Strange is a member of the Select Committee of Finance and Expenditure, and Transport and Infrastructure.

A proud Hamiltonian, the List MP says: “Hamilton is coming of age; we are no longer the city of the future, we are the city of the now. Hamilton is a wonderful place to live, work, own a business and raise a family.”

In the September 2017 elections, the party “gained over 5,000 additional Labour voters from the 2014 election.”

With the latest poll showing an all-time high Labour Support at 56.5% – more than double of National Party, Hamilton East seat will be a keenly watched contest as National’s David Bennett has been securely holding this seat since Sept 2005.

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