15 April 2024

Man convicted for false identity to get NZ visas, residency

An Indian national has been convicted and sentenced at the Manukau District Court after admitting he obtained New Zealand residence under a false identity.

Charanjit Singh pleaded guilty at the District Court to two representative charges under the Immigration Act 2009, and has been sentenced to 9 months home detention.

An Immigration New Zealand (INZ) investigation found he had ‘misled INZ’ by supplying false information about his identity to obtain several New Zealand visas, including New Zealand residence. INZ, however, did not say how this was unearthed.

False identity to get residency
Charanjit Singh falsified info to obtain residency

The offender, Charanjit Singh had previously been in New Zealand unlawfully by not departing the country when his visa expired. On his return to India, he obtained a passport in a different name and date of birth. 

Using this passport for his false identity, Singh applied to INZ for a visa to return to New Zealand. By submitting his application under a different identity, Singh concealed his adverse immigration history and deceived INZ into granting him a visa. 

Once back in New Zealand, Singh submitted further visa applications, each time supplying false information about his true identity.  He was eventually granted New Zealand residence. 

Stephanie Greathead, Immigration National Manager Investigations, says the defendant deliberately misled INZ by withholding relevant information about his real identity. 

“Every person who applies for a visa has an obligation to tell the truth. Anyone found to have knowingly provided false or misleading information, or deliberately withheld relevant information can be prosecuted under the Act.”

Now that Charanjit Singh has been convicted, consideration of deportation action will begin.

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