21 July 2024

Mayoral position heats up with 8 contenders filing nominations at close

Gurbir Singh

By Gurbir Singh:

Nominations for the Hamilton City Council elections closed at 12 noon today, and judging by the number of candidates who have put their hands up to be the city’s next leaders, it will be a hot contest. As per the updated information, a total of 41 candidates are now in the race.

Eight candidates have put their hat in the ring for the local government’s top Mayoral position. They are (in no particular order) : Jack Gielen, Lisa Lewis, Angela O’Leary, James Casson, Andrew King , Louise Hutt, Paula Southgate and Mike West.

Andrew King and Paula Southgate are only seeking the Hamilton mayoralty and are not contesting a ward seat.

Similarly, interest for the 12 Councillor seats in the East Ward and West Ward seats is also high with a total of 39 contestants.

In the East Ward, 20 candidates have put their names forward to represent the city on the Council this year. In 2016, there were 25 candidates in this Ward.

Hopefuls from the East Ward are: Brad Hills, Margaret Forsyth, Jack Gielen, Peter Humphreys, Lisa Lewis, Rob Pascoe, Tim Young, Kesh Naidoo-Rauf, Anna Smart, James Casson, Tony Dixon, Ryan Hamilton, Krishna Reddy, Mark Bunting, Meleane Burgess, Andrew Bydder, Garry Mallett, Maxine van Oosten, Andrea McLachlan and Mike West.

In the West Ward, 19 candidates are vying for the six places around the council table compared to 16 who sought a seat in 2016.

Contenders from the West Ward are: Matthew Small, Chris Davis, Shanti Ralm, Rudi Du Plooy, Leo Tooman, Angela O’Leary, Sarah Thomson, Dave Macpherson, Geoff Taylor, Martin Gallagher, Siggi Henry, Michelle Houghton, Louise Hutt, David McNab, Ewan Wilson,Peter Bos, Geoff Holt, Melaina Huaki and Matt Shea.

Some of the names for mayoral and Councillor positions are familiar as they are seeking another term on the Council, whereas there are others who are going to try their luck again this year. Then there are a few who are on the political scene for the very first time.

According to the Council, voting packs will start arriving in the mail from 20 September. Voters are being urged to post their ballots by 5 October to guarantee they will arrive in time to be counted.  There is no online voting.

Voting officially closes at midday on Saturday 12 October and voting papers can be hand delivered to the HCC office up until then.

Those not already enrolled to vote in local government elections can do so up to Friday 11 October. 

Read the views of two Mayoral contenders, Angela O’Leary & Lisa Lewis published already by NewsViews. More may be added next week:





  1. Who exactly are the candidates for Rototuna North. I am afraid I am a bit vague on who is East and West and so on. I may not be the only one incidently.

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