21 July 2024

Mobile ballot box is coming near you

Council makes it easier for you to cast vote with mobile ballot boxes

Ballot Box

Hamilton City Council is making it as easy as possible for voters to have their say on who our next city leaders should be.

Apart from permanent ballot boxes, from tomorrow(3 Oct) until 11 Oct, the Council is making arrangements to take ballot boxes into neighbourhoods around Hamilton to make it easier for voters to share their voice, including casting a special vote.

As of today (2 October) 15,175 people have voted in Hamilton City Council elections. This is 14.77% of the 102,714 total electors. In 2016, 12.69% of electors had voted with 10 days remaining.

There are 10 days left for Hamiltonians to have their say in this year’s local elections and more than 80 places around the city where voting packs can be dropped off.

In addition to the more than 50 post boxes in Hamilton, Hamilton City Council has permanent and temporary ballot boxes located around the city, making it easier for people to vote.

The final day for voters to return their voting packs via post to ensure they arrive in time to be counted is 5 October.

The Council will also have a drive-through voting station at the Anglesea St entrance of its Garden Place building from 9am until midday on 12 October.

If a voter didn’t enrol before 16 August, did not receive a voting pack, or has a damaged voting pack, they can cast a special vote.

Special voting is available at the Council building, Hamilton City Libraries community branches and all mobile ballot box locations.

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