September 28, 2021

‘my-mum-made-it’ shorts cause a flutter online

By Gurbir Singh:

Australian designer of fashion label ‘My Mum Made It ‘ and founder of an online boutique, Nyree Leckenby would never have imagined that her designed short would create a buzz rarely seen earlier online.

Thanks to a Florida woman, Liz Nicole, this multi-pocketed corduroy shorts photo she shared on Twitter, has received over 150k likes and over 44k retweets.

The high-waist cream corduroy shorts comes with detachable zipper, cosmetics case, silver snap clip closure, side and back pockets and retails online for US$69. 

Liz photo revels what all she could put in the small hidden ‘pockets’. Since the day she posted the images on Twitter, she has been inundated with hundreds of comments asking for more details or just sheer admiration. One asked, “Is it for selling drugs”? and another “I need it right now”.

(Image: Twitter)

Several of them wanted to know if Liz’s mom could stitch one for them, before Liz clarified in a follow up tweet “Guys, my mum didn’t actually make this, it’s the name of the brand.”

Nyree Leckenby, the designer, is based in Windsor, Queensland, Australia and all her designed clothing are produced in China “by our own private fair trade team” and are shipped from there directly.

Nyree has been approached for her comments on this unexpected ‘runaway success’ of her corduroy shorts.