September 26, 2020

Neighbourhood Support continues to impact our communities

A network of community-led organisation is striving to connect local communities and helping to improve the safety, resilience and well-being of residents. Over the years, Neighbourhood Support Hamilton with over 11,000 member households (nominal 44,392 members and growing), has continued to make an impact.

“Crime cannot survive in a community that stays connected and cares for each other,” says Gurbir Singh, Chairman of Neighbourhood Support Hamilton, and this is precisely what this charitable organisation is doing – “creating safe, resilient and connected communities.”

“Our primary purpose is to make our community a safer and more caring place to live. We work alongside NZ Police and other partners, including the Hamilton City Council, to help prevent our members becoming victims of crime by improving safety,” according to Singh who has been associated with this not-for-profit, volunteer managed organisation for the past two years.

Senior Constable, Craig Berquist of the Hamilton Prevention team, represents the NZ Police on the managing committee of NSH and holds Crime Prevention talks regularly for benefit of the community. In 2016, Berquist was awarded the national Neighbourhood Support award for going “above and beyond” for the community.

Cr Margaret Forsyth represents the Hamilton City Council on the managing committee that has seven other members.

NSH continues to make a positive impact in the community.

Last month in August, courtesy Foodstuffs, NSH distributed 20 vouchers worth $50 each, with a total value of $1000, to needy Hamilton households through Community Waikato and Settlement Centre Waikato.

Holly Snape (L) receiving vouchers from Wendy Booth & Murray Rickerby handing these to Settlement Centre Waikato

In April this year, a young Hamilton couple Kauri Harry and Brooke Thompson were the winners of Good Neighbours Award instituted by the Neighbourhood Support for that week.

Membership of Neighbourhood Support is free. New members join an existing group on their street or form a new one and the group decides what best works for them. Members can share the information they want, with who they want and their group can meet when and how it likes.

Neighbourhood Support takes member’s privacy seriously. “Unlike other commercial organisations that claim to do similar work, Neighbourhood Support does not use membership information for commercial gain, advertising, revenue, business or tracking purposes.”

Neighbourhood Support Hamilton manages its operations solely on grants and does not normally do fund raising or accept donations. Covid-19, however, have had its impact on NSH with several grant requests declined this year.

“We may have to resort to seeking donations in future in order to sustain our operations,” adds Chairman, Gurbir Singh.

Neighbourhood Support Hamilton is holding its AGM on 23 Sept where the managing committee will be re-elected. Volunteers and those keen to serve on committee, can get in touch by email: for registering their interests and more info.

Nationwide, Neighbourhood Support community organisations’ members span all 12 Police Districts and currently support over 220,000 households.

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