25 May 2024

Neighbourhood Support Hamilton’s AGM on 19 June

Neighbourhood Support

Neighbourhood Support, Hamilton Inc. is holding its next Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, 19 June to elect its Managing Committee.

The committee positions include that of chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and committee members.

The not-for-profit community based organisation, Neighbourhood Support has over 11,000 active members in Hamilton and the numbers are growing rapidly.

Working in close partnership with Hamilton Police, Hamilton City Council and Civil Defence, Neighbourhood Support aims to ‘make our communities a more safer place to live.’

Community-focused news portal, NewsViews has also joined hands with Neighbourhood Support in their objective to make communities a better and safer place to live.

Hamilton East Ward Councillor, James Casson who is attached and works closely with Neighbourhood Support Group (NSG), has appealed to the Hamilton residents to attend the AGM.

“Please feel free to come along to see what is happening and meet our amazing people that run Neighbourhood Support Groups (NSG) in Hamilton,” he says.

In a statement to NewsViews, Cr. Casson says,

“Crime cannot survive in a community that cares for one another and stays connected. I highly recommend joining Neighbourhood Support as their groups are the eyes and ears for our over worked Police and you never know, your diligence in reporting suspicious behaviour may prevent and help detect crime.

“Being a member of an NS group improves community spirit and makes a neighbourhood a friendlier place to live in.  Getting to know your neighbours is a very important part of being a community and helping to prevent and detect crime and looking after each other, especially those who may need assistance like the elderly or those with disabilities or living alone, he added.”

The AGM will be held at 6.30pm at the Settlement Centre, Waikato (formerly known as Migrant Resource Centre), Boundary Road, Hamilton.

Read more about Neighbourhood Support & how to become a member here: https://www.newsviews.co.nz/neighbourhood-support-hamilton/


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