Neighbours Day Aotearoa

By Gurbir Singh:

Neighbours Day Aotearoa, initially launched by Lifewise in Auckland in 2009, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year from March 22 -31, 2019 with 10 days of celebrations.

Neighbours Day Aotearoa became a nationwide initiative and campaign in 2011 and today it is a collaborative campaign organised and supported by dozens of organisations nationwide.

With the active involvement of thousands of organisations and individuals, this Neighbours Day helps “connect Kiwis with their neighbours and turn their streets into neighbourhoods.”

Neighbours Day Aotearoa campaigners believe “every connection you have with your neighbours makes your neighbourhood more friendly, fun and safe. By encouraging better connected neighbourhoods …neighbours can be stronger and more resilient, significantly enhancing the well-being of individuals, family/whanau and the wider community.”

Neighbourhood Support New Zealand (NSNZ) is one of the official partners of this year’s Neighbours Day Aotearoa and over the years has been working in complementary ways to bring neighbours together.

In honour of Neighbours Day Aotearoa’s 10th anniversary, the NSNZ is encouraging neighbours to come together anytime over this 10 day period to know your neighbours.

Neighbourhood Support Hamilton
Neighbourhood Support Hamilton

Whether you are already hosting a Neighbours Day gathering, planning on attending one, or this is the first time you have heard of the campaign – there are many ways you can get involved to make an impact in your neighbourhood.

The Neighbours Day Aotearoa campaign organisers suggest several ways in which individuals can participate to make this Day a success.

Simplest would be knocking on the door of your neighbour to say ‘hello’ or even organising a “potluck get together in your building or local park.”

Joining Neighbourhood Support group is another excellent way of knowing your neighbour, and helps communities stay safer and reduces isolation. Membership of this community based, not-for-profit network of over 200,000 groups and individuals all over the country, is free. You can click on Neighbourhood Support to join and for more info.

For more ideas as to how you can celebrate this Day and sign-up to register your event and/or a chance to win prezzy cards and T-shirt, you can visit Neighbours Day 2019 website. 

Just 10-days are left to celebrate 10 days of the 10th anniversary celebrations of Neighbours Day Aotearoaare you ready?

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