September 26, 2020

New rubbish & recycling service set to roll out

New rubbish and recycling bins are now on their way for almost 60,000 homes across Hamilton as the new kerbside rubbish and recycling service rolls out from 31 August 2020.

Starting this week, teams will be out and about delivering the new food scraps bins, yellow recycling wheelie bins and red rubbish wheelie bins to almost 60,000 homes across the city. As per the initial information available, the existing recycling crate will be for glass recycling only.

Infrastructure Operations General Manager Eeva-Liisa Wright says it’s a big job delivering the new bins to all homes across Hamilton between now and mid-August 2020.

“With more than 180,000 individual bins to be delivered, we’ll be staggering the drop-off, suburb by suburb, one side of a street at a time, so don’t worry if your neighbours opposite you get their bins first,” says Wright.

Private lanes and retirement homes will receive bins closer to 31 August.

“If others on your side of the street get a set of bins and you think you’ve been missed out – give it seven days before calling our friendly customer service team. All three bins should arrive at once, so if you’re missing any, check with your neighbour first, in case they’ve been put there by mistake.”

Residents receiving the new service will also find an information flyer tucked inside the green food scraps bin. A detailed guide booklet will also be sent out before the new service starts.

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Cr Angela O’Leary, Chair of the Infrastructure Operations Committee, is excited for the new service to kick off and has visited one of the storage facilities holding thousands of bins waiting to be rolled out.

“Hamilton’s new rubbish and recycling service will help make it easier for residents to recycle greater quantities and help the Council reach its target of 25% reduction in waste to landfill per capita within three years”.

The new service was scheduled to start from 1 July , but has been delayed due to disruptions caused by Covid-19.

“We appreciate people’s patience while we get the bins out. However, as they won’t be needed until the new service starts on 31 August 2020, please keep using your black rubbish bags and green recycling crates until then,” she adds.

Hamilton produces an estimated 245,700 tonnes of waste each year, according to a 2017 Hamilton City Council Waste Report.  

The new ‘smarter, greener and cleaner’ kerbside rubbish and recycling service is expected to reduce the city’s waste footprint by a whopping 50% .

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