25 May 2024

New Zealand Aviation trg provider placed under liquidation

New Zealand Aviation trg provider placed under liquidation

Gurbir Singh

By: Gurbir Singh, gurbir@newsviews.co.nz

Middle Earth Flying School Limited, trading under the name of New Zealand Aviation and offering flight training courses from an aerodrome in Matamata, about 60 kms from Hamilton has been put under liquidation on 30 Aug.

As a result of this closure, 28 total students have been affected, 12 are from India. This was confirmed by NZQA to NewsViews this afternoon based upon the records received by them from the liquidators.

New Zealand Aviation folded its wings permanently as a private training provider when liquidators were appointed at 5.01 pm on 29 August pursuant to section 241(2)(a)of the Companies Act 1993.

This is the second private training provider (PTE) to be liquidated within a fortnight. The Kiwi Institute of Training  and Education was put under liquidation on 16 Aug.

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As per the information available, New Zealand Aviation was training flying enthusiasts from all over ‘to earn their wings’. The courses offered were:

Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating(Training Scheme) Level 5; Commercial Pilot Licence (Training Scheme) Level 5; Multi Engine Instrument Rating(Training Scheme) Level 5, and Private Pilot Licence (Training Scheme)Level 3.

In the Aug 2018 External Evaluation and Report NZQA had found the Middle Earth Flying School as “Not Yet Confident in the educational performance” and “Not Yet Confident in the capability in self-assessment.”

According to NZQA records of Aug 2018, there were 47 international and two domestic students in that period. New Zealand Aviation’s website claims that 58 students ‘earned their wings’ in 2018.

NZQA has affirmed to NewsViews today that the liquidated provider have the appropriate finances in Trust which will ensure reimbursement of proportion of their fees.

In an exclusive statement released to NewsViews, NZQA says : “This is a difficult time for students. However, Middle Earth Flying School had recently reported that academic records were up to date.

“Similarly, Middle Earth Flying School have the appropriate finances in Trust to be able to reimburse students for the unused portion of their programme fees. As such, students will be able to either receive a refund or their results in a relatively short timeframe.

“Further options to study at other approved flying schools have also been identified, so students can continue to pursue their studies if they so wish. NZQA is committed to working with students to provide whatever support we can and to achieve the best outcomes for them.”

New Zealand Aviation was reportedly one of a handful of flight schools worldwide that had a senior airline captain as its founder and based at an airfield originating in World War 2.

NZQA notified New Zealand’s Aviation’s liquidation on their website on 30 Aug. In their announcement, NZQA says:

“We understand the liquidators have contacted students to inform them about the liquidation. Further study options are also being investigated.

“Immigration New Zealand and Public Trust have been notified of the liquidation.

“If you are a student of New Zealand Aviation and you would like to transfer to another education provider, please contact Public Trust to access your fees account, and Immigration New Zealand to arrange any necessary changes to your visa.

“Public Trust can be contacted on 0800371471, or  feeprotect@publictrust.co.nz

Immigration New Zealand can be contacted on 0508 558 855 or INZstudentcontact@mbie.govt.nz

Have you been affected by this closure, or you know someone who is, please get in touch

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