19 July 2024

Noel Leeming offer leaves some shoppers disappointed

By Gurbir Singh

Queues outside Noel Leeming
Queues outside Noel Leeming store at The Base (Photo: NewsViews)

Noel Leemings advertised offer of two Samsung Galaxy 10 or 10+ mobile phones for price of one, left several hopeful shoppers disappointed this morning.

Queues at the The Base store of Noel Leeming reportedly started at 6am this morning, and by the time store opened at 9am, there were at least 35- 40 anxious shoppers waiting patiently outside the closed doors.

Sold out in less than a minute

Ten or 15 minutes before the opening hour, a staff member announced that offer was limited to only the first 20 shoppers who were handed over tokens. Rest were advised to try their luck buying online.

With murmurs of protest, most logged in online, and when it struck nine on the clock, the Noel Leeming site crashed. It was up again within a few seconds with a message of “Sold Out Online”.

“How can all stock be sold within seconds?” asked one disgruntled customer. Another pitched in, “There was no mention that tokens would be distributed”.

A helpful Noel Leeming staff member just shrugged his shoulders, and said, “Maybe they (Noel Leeming) should have released more stock, but online it was clearly mentioned until stocks last.”

Several people waited inside the store, hoping someone with a token will change his mind. But others left one by one, one was heard saying, “I’ll keep an eye on Trade Me, half of these sales will end up there, and would be still cheaper than RRP here.”

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