19 July 2024

NZ Pass Verifier app launched to scan, verify vaccination status

With all of New Zealand moving into the traffic light system (COVID-19 Protection Framework) from Friday 3 December, the Ministry of Health has launched the free NZ Pass Verifier app for businesses to scan and verify My Vaccination Passes.

This app will be useful for businesses and organisations that are required to verify customers’ vaccination status.

“New Zealand will move into the traffic light system (COVID-19 Protection Framework) from Friday 3 December, and the release of the NZ Pass Verifier app is another step for businesses and organisations to prepare for this next phase in our COVID response,” Minister for COVID-19 Response, Chris Hipkins said today.

“The app helps give business certainty that they can quickly manage vaccine certificates and make sure they can easily check that their customers are all fully vaccinated.”

The NZ Verifier app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play app stores from today.

Vaccine app
Verifier app will show a green tick recognising the official QR code (Image courtesy MoH)

With only a handful of app downloads today, reactions have been slow in coming, but are diverse.

A couple of users have criticised the absence of info on ‘expiry date’ of the vaccination pass.

“I can’t see how long the pass is valid for!? It is going to be extremely difficult to make this work in many places now,” says PG.

Reactions of users have been diverse to the NZ Pass Verifier app

Rosy Muir seconds this and writes: “Would be good to get the expiry date of the pass – this will enable businesses like gyms to figure out when a client needs to be scanned again and plan accordingly…”

Another faced difficulty scanning a printed copy of the Vaccination Pass.

“This app fails to scan a printed pass (was printed on a modern professional standard commercial printer). It does scan successfully the pass when displayed via the Google Pay app. The resolution on the downloaded printable pass is simply too low to be usable.”

But the app worked on the printed copy for another user, “Does what it says it does and should do. Scanned my paper copy of my pass. Got result in less than a second.”

Minister for COVID-19 Response has assured the Verifier App does not store any personal detail of user nor can see any other details.

“It (the app) will show quickly that the person is fully vaccinated or has the appropriate exemption and can enter their premises. Importantly, the verifier app does not store a person’s data or see any information other than a person’s name and date of birth,” Chris Hipkins said.

“The app is ideal for any organisation that needs to verify customers’ vaccination status. Hospitality venues, close-contact businesses, large gatherings, events, air transport and gyms are just some of the types of businesses that will need to verify customer’s vaccination status if they wish to operate in higher risk levels under the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

“For customers entering a business requiring proof of vaccination status, their My Vaccine Pass will be scanned by the verifier app. The verifier will show a green tick recognising the official QR code that is embedded into the customer’s pass.”

Nearly 1.4 million My Vaccine Passes have been generated so far.

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