28 February 2024

NZQA cancels registration of NZ Institute of Technical Trg.

By Gurbir Singh:

New Zealand Institute of Technical Training Limited’s (NITT’s) registration as a private training establishment (PTE) has been cancelled for its failure to meet the standards required of a registered training provider.

NITT was issued a compliance notice by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) on 18 March 2019 and the institute failed to comply. Therefore, NITT’s registration as a PTE was cancelled.

According to a NZQA media release, NITT now cannot deliver its New Zealand Certificate in English Language courses.

NZQA was unable to confirm the total number of students affected when NewsViews approached them this morning, and directed our inquiries to NITT. It is, however, believed only a very small number of students have been impacted by this decision, but all of them are from India.

Auckland-based NITT was first registered as a PTE in 1998 and its current managing director is Kulbir Singh. NewsViews has failed to receive any response from NITT.

Earlier on 18 March 2019, NZQA had withdrawn NITT’s accreditation to provide the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5 and Level 6) due to ongoing concerns with NITT’s assessment and moderation.

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NZQA’s acting Deputy Chief Executive, Quality Assurance, Rebecca Boyack said it was very disappointing that NITT had failed to meet the standards required of a registered training provider.

“NZQA has a role to ensure New Zealand’s qualifications are credible and robust nationally and internationally. Where providers are not meeting the standards we expect of them, NZQA will take action to ensure the integrity of New Zealand’s tertiary education system and that is what we’ve done in this case.

“The priority now is to support students. We have communicated with affected students by providing information on how to obtain refunds and identify providers where they can continue their studies. We will continue to liaise with other government agencies to get the best outcomes for students,” says Rebecca Boyack.  

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