19 July 2024

Offenders caught on CCTV dumping trailer load of household rubbish

Hamilton City Council is disappointed at actions of three people who dumped a trailer load of household rubbish in a service-lane and is seeking their identities.

Two men and a woman were caught on CCTV emptying a trailer of household furniture and rubbish down the service lane behind Hillcrest Library at 6.30am on Wednesday, 19 July 2023. The trailer was reportedly stolen and the owners of trailer were not involved in this dumping.

Their rubbish included household and baby furniture, clothing, shoes, four full black rubbish bags, along with recyclables and other general waste.  

Offenders left a huge mess (Photos courtesy/HCC)

Once the rubbish offenders have been identified, they could be fined under the Litter Act 1979, and the Council is seeking information about these people.

Sustainable Resource Recovery Unit Manager Tania Hermann was disappointed to hear about the actions of these people.  

“The fact they did it under the cover of darkness and in a sheltered place means they knew what they were doing was wrong and were worried about being caught.”  

Hermann was perplexed as to their reasons and was disappointed for the mess they left behind.

“We don’t know the reasons why these people dumped their rubbish. Whatever it was, they left a huge mess and made it someone else’s problem, and that’s not okay”.  

Rubbish dumpers
Rubbish dumping offenders were caught on CCTV

Hermann said the dumped contents wasn’t just waste and some of the furniture could have been donated to an opportunity store, or the Lincoln Street Habitat Re-Use Store, for other people to make good use of.  

Council provides kerbside services for general household rubbish, recycling and food waste. Recyclables, among other items such as whiteware, appliances, batteries, and hazardous waste, can be disposed of free at the Lincoln Street Resource Recovery Centre.


“We want to reduce waste to landfill and encourage people to consider what other methods could be considered, rather than disposal, or in this case, illegal dumping. This could include recycling, reuse or donation. These are free options available to all Hamiltonians.” 

If any one has any information about identity of the people involved in this, they can contact Council at rubbish.andrecycling@hcc.govt.nz.     


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