19 July 2024

Opinion: Govt working hard to keep communities safe

People deserve to feel safe, says Jamie Strange

Jamie Strange
Jamie Strange, Labour List MP

For many years, dairy owners and small businesses have been dealing with the trauma and financial loss incurred by robberies.

We’ve begun addressing this issue by supporting businesses around the country with extra security, giving those one and two-person stores the peace of mind they need to conduct their business with confidence.

All people deserve to feel safe at work. The support we’ve introduced is about reducing the risk of robberies through technologies like fog cannons, which deter offenders and minimise the risk of violence to workers.

Fog cannons emit a non-toxic cloud of vapour and a high pitched noise. With offenders unable to see, and distracted by the noise, fog cannons allow workers the time they need to get to safety.

Since the first fog cannon installation almost two years ago, there’s been a noticeable reduction in aggravated robberies, financial loss, and injuries to staff.

In the Waikato region, we’ve had 81 fog cannons installed so far, with hundreds installed nationwide.

“Small businesses make up 97% of New Zealand businesses…Government is supporting small businesses and working hard to keep our communities safe”

Thankfully, there are more to come. This means, alongside actions by the everyday heroes of our local Police force, neighbourhood support, and community patrols, this Government is continuing to provide greater reassurance to local business owners and their employees, as they work to provide for their families.

This Government have increased Police numbers in the Waikato region, after numbers were frozen in 2011. We have funded an extra 127 police officers over five years, and this is starting to be felt in a positive way.

Small businesses make up 97 percent of New Zealand businesses, employ thousands of Kiwis, and their success is critical to making sure our economy is growing and working for all.

Having run a small business myself, employing and managing seven staff, I understand the importance of supporting those who work for us.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen our economy go from strength to strength. Under Jacinda Ardern’s leadership, unemployment is down to just 3.9 percent – the lowest it’s been in over a decade – with 92,000 jobs created across the country since we took office. Waikato unemployment is at 3.4%, among the lowest in the country.

Wages have risen 4.4 percent, another decade high, meaning there’s more money in the back pockets of more New Zealanders.

We’re running a surplus, and our economic growth rate currently outstrips both Australia and the United States.

This Government is supporting small businesses and working hard to keep our communities safe, because that’s what voters like you elected us to do.

Jamie Strange, Labour List MP based in Hamilton

jamie.strange@parliament.govt.nz ; www.facebook.com/jamiestrangemp

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