21 July 2024

‘Out-of-the box’ method to stop cheating by students

Students made to wear cardboard boxes over their heads

A private college in India last week adopted a weird, ‘out-of-the-box’ method to stop rampart malpractices in exams.

Exam in progress in a Haveri college
Exam in progress,with students wearing boxes on their heads

Fed up with cheating by students in previous years despite warnings, the management of Bhagat PU College- a private college of Haveri district in Karnataka (India), made students wear cardboard boxes during an exam to allegedly stop them from cheating.

On October 16, when the students of this college arrived for their mid-term exam, they were handed specially modified cartons to cover their heads. The cartons had an opening on one side, which allowed the students to see only in front at their answer-sheets and ostensibly prevented them for looking sideways.

Exam in progress in a Haveri college
It was not clear why some students were exempted

The carton ‘experiment’ was college administrator Satish Herur’s solution to prevent examination malpractice.

While the students found it cumbersome, they were not allowed to violate the “new rule”.

The weird incident came to light after Herur, posted the pictures of the students wearing the boxes on social media and circulated on ‘Whatsapp’.

Exam in progress in a Haveri college
‘Out-of-the-box’ solution to stop cheating

The caption to Herur’s post said, “It’s our college midterm exam today. That is Bhagat PU College, Haveri.”

This attempt at an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution to the cheating problem has, however, landed the college in difficulty with the authorities.

The Karnataka state government immediately has sought an explanation and has threatened to “cancel the licence’ if it was repeated.

It is believed Satish Herur explanation was he was just “experimenting” with what he had seen in another Bihar (India) college.


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