September 26, 2020

Over 800 migrant workers may return under new border rules

The Government is creating a new border exception category to enable the return of some temporary work visa holders who are overseas and have strong, ongoing links to New Zealand. This may benefit up to 850 visa holders who may be eligible to return under this new this category.

The Minister of Immigration, Kris Faafoi, has announced that visa holders, who must have retained their job or business in New Zealand, plus their partners and dependent children, will be able to apply for this exception from early October when the new category opens.

“Many of these visa holders and their families have lived in New Zealand for years and have built lives here with the hope and expectation that they would be able to stay longer-term in New Zealand. It is only fair to let these visa holders return given their long-standing and ongoing connections to this country.

“To date, the Government’s priority has been to facilitate the return of New Zealand citizens and permanent residents. Since April more than 40,000 New Zealanders have come home.

“We are now starting to be able to make adjustments to our COVID-impacted immigration settings which will allow a small number of people who, under normal circumstances, had the right to come to New Zealand to do so now,” Kris Faafoi said.

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To be considered for the new border exception and to demonstrate a strong and ongoing connection to New Zealand with realistic prospects of remaining here long-term, visa holders must:

  • still hold their job in New Zealand, or continue to operate a business in New Zealand
  • hold either a work to residence visa, or an essential skills visa that is not subject to the stand-down period, or an entrepreneur visa
  • have departed New Zealand on or after 1 December 2019
  • have held a visa at the time of departing that does not expire before the end of 2020, or, if expiring before that date, have applied for a further visa by 10 August 2020, etc.

Though the Government expects up to 850 visa holders may be eligible for this category, it will monitor numbers.

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