19 July 2024

Over and out! New Zealand bids farewell to the AM show

Kiwis across New Zealand watched the AM show finally end this morning amidst emotional goodbyes as the lights went off for the final time in the studio.

The AM hosts, Lloyd Burr and Melissa Chan-Green- joined by newsreaders Michael O’Keefe, sports reporter Nicky Styris, and roving reporter William Waiirua put on brave faces as they shared their moments on the final episode of the much-loved breakfast show.

Hosts got together to bid emotional goodbye

“We are celebrating all of the good things that happened over the last few years here,” Chan-Green said during the last broadcast this morning.

“Your support is what makes this show,” Burr and Chan-Green said while thanking viewers for tuning in every morning over the years.

Studio lights were switched off at 09:02am

“We’ve had so many people write in saying it is their reason for getting out of bed, and it helps them feel connected in the morning,” said Chan-Green.

She’s had several “arranged marriages” on the show, she said of her co-hosts.

She is yet to decide what she was doing next as she needed some time to sleep and be with her “beautiful” children.

The AM host, Lloyd Burr will be joining Stuff as one its editor, and for now he was “looking forward to a sleep in”.

In their last Instagram post this morning, the AM show wrote: “Over and out! Thank you for sharing your mornings with us. For sharing your time and your stories with us on the show. Thank you to all our many contributors and sponsors who’ve done so much for us over the years. Thank you for sharing insightful, heartfelt and honest feedback. AM wouldn’t have been what it was without you all! Mā te wā.”

The hosts thanked the entire Newshub team and viewers for their support and the show reflected on their memories and played their funniest moments on the show.

AM was launched in 2017 and aired from 6am to 9am on weekdays. The show replaced ‘Paul Henry’. Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed in April this year that both the AM Show and Newshub will be closing down on July 5.

Newshub will air its final show this evening.

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