Brief profile: Paula Southgate, first elected to Council in 2016, missed Mayoral role by only 6 votes. In her ‘passion & commitment to lead Hamilton forward again’, she is relying on her ‘strong governance background’, incl. serving on Waikato Regional Council for 15 years & as its Chairperson in 2014. She is now Chair of Community, Services & Environment & on other govt. advisory boards. She has championed protection of environment, incl. river water quality & was involved in ‘Halo project that brought Tui back’. Paula ‘stands for fairness’, wants to make ‘Hamilton a friendly city’, ‘improve infrastructure for welfare of communities’ & is for supporting businesses to ‘generate jobs’ (Newsviews).

Mayoral contender, Paula Southgate

By Paula Southgate:

It’s an exciting time for our city. Hamilton is a great place to live.  Our population is growing very fast and getting more diverse, with people from all around the world arriving to make Hamilton their home. 

As Chair of Community, Services and Environment, it has been a pleasure and privilege to support many of the wonderful cultural events across our city. I enjoy learning more about each culture and understanding the needs of our communities.

I want to make Hamilton a friendly city, where everyone can do well. It is important that Council supports The Settlement Centre, Shama, Waikato Multicultural Council & other organisations that help migrants with the new skills they need to do well in New Zealand. We must also support communities to keep and use their own languages, and to share their special culture and food.

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Hamilton has been my home for 40 years, since I arrived from England. I was educated here, raised a family here. I have been a local government leader 18 years and holding many roles and responsibilities at a national, regional and local level. Most recently I’ve served on the city council and was the chair of the Waikato Regional Council.

I am offering my experience, passion and commitment to lead Hamilton forward.

I know that housing is a serious issue. We need both homes to buy, and to rent, that are healthy, warm and dry and most importantly affordable.  City safety is important to me, and we must work harder, alongside the Police to ensure that people are safe at work, at home and in our city.

Mayoral contender, Paula Southgate presents her views & policies in “Know your Mayoral candidates” series initiated by NewsViews to help you – the voters, know them better. You can read the opinion of three other candidates published earlier in our column,Viewpoint.

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I also value looking after the things that make our communities nice to live in, libraries, parks, playgrounds and sports facilities. These are the things that bring people together, make us happy.

A strong city economy is very important. We must strive to make it easy to do business here and attract new employment opportunities.

I have always worked alongside the community, business, and government representatives to get things done. I’m fair, honest and hardworking

I stand for strong, sound finances. I stand for getting growth right. I stand for quality lifestyles. I stand for fairness, creating opportunities for everyone to thrive.

The Mayor cannot achieve on their own. Let’s work together to build on Hamilton’s strengths for a city we can all be proud of.

It would be an honour to represent you as Mayor of Hamilton. Please support me to be your Mayor.

Paula Southgate, Candidate for Mayor


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