28 February 2024

Paula Southgate re-elected as Hamilton Mayor, defeating seven others

In the interim results just announced, Paula Southgate has defeated her closest rival Geoff Taylor and six others to emerge the winner again as city’s mayor in the Hamilton City Elections 2022.

Southgate received 13,693 votes and has been declared elected.

With special votes still to be counted, Hamilton’s vote total count is 28.8%.

Paula Southgate
Paula Southgate has won a second term as Hamilton Mayor

Geoff Taylor who was the Dy Mayor and had challenged Paula Southgate to be the city’s mayor, was a close second with 12,395 votes. He has, however, regained his Councillor seat, with highest number of votes received(4147).

Votes received by other six mayoral candidates are:

Horiana Henderson: 1469; Lachlan Coleman: 1079; Donna Pokere-Phillips: 943; Riki Manarangi: 798; Jack Gielen: 451, and Lee Bloor: 357

In the East Ward, those who have been provisionally elected on the city Council are:

Ryan Hamilton(2557); Anna Casey-Cox(2344); Maxine van Oosten(1962); Mark Devon(1935); Andrew Bydder(1857) and Kesh Naidoo-Rauf(1920).

The West Ward provisional winners are:

Geoff Taylor(4147); Angela O’Leary(1943); Ewan Wilson(1655); Sarah Thomson(1609); Emma Pike(1727) and Louise Hutt(1501).

Kirikiriroa Maaori Ward: Moko Tauariki(560) and Te Pora Thompson(470).

In the Waikato Regional Council results, the former chairperson Russ Rimmington failed to make it back, securing 10,953 votes.

The four successful candidates for the regional council seats from Hamilton are: Angela Strange (15,263), Bruce Clarkson (12,521), Jennifer Nickel (11,712) and Chris Hughes (11,527).

Final results (preliminary results + all special votes) will be announced on Thursday, 13 October.

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