15 April 2024

Plan to turn Hamilton into best place for elderly to live

Hamilton is a step closer to becoming one of the best places for older people to live with endorsement of a new plan to future proof the city’s services for older residents.

A three-year Age Friendly Plan was endorsed by Hamilton City Council at a Community Committee Meeting yesterday (31 August).

Future-proofing the city’s facilities, support and services for Hamilton’s older people is more important than ever as those aged 65 and older are expected to double to between 1.3 and 1.5 million by 2046.

Plan aims for a friendly future for older Hamiltonians

The new plan shows Hamilton isn’t slowing down on its vision to become the best place for older people to live, says Mark Bunting, Community Committee Chair Councillor.

“We want to become a city where people set their hearts on retiring. None of us are getting any younger, so the actions and aspirations of this plan will benefit us all,” he says.

Council’s first 2018-21 Age Friendly Plan focused on age-related research, combating social isolation, supporting intergenerational connections, bringing community groups together.

The new plan has more than 40 actions to be progressed over the next three years, involving dozens of local groups and organisations.

It was developed using nine age-friendly themes, including outdoor spaces and buildings; transport and mobility and safety and housing.

Elderly friendly city
Outdoor spaces is one of the themes of the new plan

The Steering Group’s Chair, Dame Peggy Koopman-Boyden said the newest version of the Age Friendly Plan shows a continued commitment to the increasing number of older people in Hamilton.

“Hamilton is already a great place for older people to live, but we want it to become one of the very best places.”

Hamilton was the country’s first city to join the World Health Organisations Age Friendly Network of Cities and Communities in 2018, led and championed by the Age Friendly Hamilton Steering Group.

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