13 June 2024

Playing video games is part of daily life for Kiwis as sales soar

The demand for video games in New Zealand continues to explode with Kiwis spending over $540 million on video games and consoles in 2021.

According to consumer sales data released today by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) today,  Video game hardware sales were almost $71 million dollars with gamers mostly purchasing products in a digital format and digital sales were worth $225 million.

Traditional retail store sales were to the tune of $121 million, with the majority amount- $71 million, spent on hardware.

The market for mobile games grew faster than any other segment, and sales exceeded $197 million, according to statistics released by IGEA.

Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA says “New Zealanders have long had a love for playing video games and continue to embrace playing games in all formats.  According to our Digital New Zealand 2022 (DNZ22) report, over 3.7 million New Zealanders play games. 

“Games are played not only for fun and entertainment but for social connection and education with consumer sales growing accordingly.  Playing games is part of every day life for the majority of Kiwis.”

Full game purchases brought in $98 million, while subscriptions to the likes of Sony’s PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass were worth $19 million.

IGEA is the industry association representing Australian and New Zealand companies in the computer and video games industry and works with data suppliers sourcing consumer sales from both GSD and Newzoo. 

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